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Running a non-profit site is not something that everyone can do, as it’s not only about making people aware of it but also about encouraging people to support your organization. A good non-profit website not only has a good theme and design but it should have a great user experience, and it should be donor […]

Homepages are the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your website. It makes or breaks the impression of your website. Every year companies spend thousands of dollars to design a space that isn’t even a square foot. This is because companies have found out that creating a great homepage generates more revenue […]

When you create a website according to your taste, you are missing the purpose of a website. You should not design your website according to your style. You should design a website that attracts your target audience that eventually books an appointment through your website or calls your office to do so. Especially for dentists, […]

Getting clients to provide website content to build their website can be challenging for web developers. Sometimes clients keep delaying these tasks for months because of two issues majorly- information problem and email problem. Information problems mainly happen when your clients are preoccupied with other tasks and don’t have the time to provide content. This […]

Despite the best efforts of marketers who spend hours crafting click-bait headlines for social media, most of us scroll straight past them. Unfortunately, this is the most likely behavior of your customers too. The information overload epidemic is real and it’s posing a dilemma for marketers who are desperately searching for attention. How do you […]