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According to survey findings published by SHRM in 2016, 84% of organizations are using social media recruiting strategies to increase brand recognition and target job candidates with specific skill sets. These organizations are posting job advertisements, contacting potential candidates, and encouraging employee referrals, all of which builds a recruitment strategy that attracts the best mix of […]

Social media and influencer marketing make a perfect combination. With over two billion daily active users, social platforms give just about anyone the opportunity to step up and start attracting followers with high-quality content. According to one report, influencer marketing is projected to become a $10 billion industry by 2020. What does this tell you? […]

Is your hashtag strategy helping or harming your business? Well, chances are…you don’t have one. Everyone is using hashtags these days, but without the right hashtag strategy – sprinkling your social media posts with them without any plan can do you more harm than good (see my previous post about banned hashtags here). Also using […]

Google Maps will soon begin testing a new feature that’s more common to social networks like Facebook, rather than a maps app: the ability to find and follow other users. In Google Maps’ case, it’s specifically rolling out the ability to follow top “Local Guides” — its community members who actively review business and share […]

TikTok is beginning to dabble in social commerce. The short-form video app said it has started to allow some users to add links to e-commerce sites (or any other destination) to their profile biography as well as offer creators the ability to easily send their viewers to shopping websites. The company said the roll-out of […]

Peanut, an app that began its life as a match-maker for finding new mom friends but has since evolved into a social network of more than a million women, announced today it has closed on $5 million in new funding and is expanding its focus to reach women who are trying to conceive. The round […]

Social media is one of the most ubiquitous elements of modern life. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is a debate for another time and place. The mere fact that social networks have such primacy in so many people’s lives means that businesses have to sit up and take notice. Firms who aren’t […]

Over the past two years, as technology companies continued to struggle with diversifying their work forces, Los Angeles-based venture capitalist Kobie Fuller wrestled with how to solve the problem. As a black professional himself, Fuller had experienced the frustrations and isolation that can sometimes come with being the only person in the room who looked […]

Though the social media landscape is dominated by a few major players, consumers still seem to want something new and different. Just look at TikTok. Today, a new social app is launching called Friended, which is taking an altogether different strategy when it comes to connecting people online. Friended was started by Thumb cofounder and […]

Over the past year or two, Squarespace has been expanding beyond website-building with new products like email marketing and its first acquisition (of an online scheduling tool) . Today, it’s announcing a move into social media content creation with the acquisition of Unfold, which offers templates for creating stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat — you […]