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According to CEO Afif Khoury, we’re in the middle of “the third wave of social” — a shift back to local interactions. And Khoury’s startup Soci (pronounced soh-shee) has raised $12 million in Series C funding to help companies navigate that shift. Soci works with customers like Ace Hardware and Sport Clips to help them […]

Web push notifications are the latest way to increase engagement with website visitors. Google Chrome has been actively promoting push notifications since introducing it in 2013. Considering that push notifications are the most effective way to re-engage users in apps, it was safe to assume that it would work in the web format as well, […]

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, with over one billion people using it every month. It was also the second most downloaded free app (just behind YouTube) in the Apple app store in 2018. Small businesses, large businesses, social media managers, brands, individuals, influencers, and celebrities are successfully growing followings, building relationships, […]

Instagram is now a proper eCommerce platform with 25 million brand accounts and 80% of users following them. And against all ambitious goals to make leads, conversions and boost sales, content seems like something very casual. Each day, everyone hears about the importance of content, but not many marketers and entrepreneurs take the relevance of […]

We’ve all been there… That sinking feeling after you’ve just pressed ‘send’ on your latest email marketing campaign, only to realize there is a glaring mistake and no way of turning back the clock. Your first instinct may be to quickly scramble a follow-up email together and mitigate the risk of things snowballing into a […]

Video is officially a marketing essential. And if your brand isn’t using video as part of your digital strategy, you’re missing out. Research shows that video marketing is the second most important type of content B2C marketers use today. Image Source: Content Marketing Institute And the B2B landscape is no different. Video marketing makes brands […]

Did you know that 61% of consumers prefer buying from eCommerce stores that also have a physical presence? Despite the exponential growth of eCommerce, on-ground retail stores and brick and mortar businesses are still flourishing. In fact, technology is only helping them grow faster. Brands are increasingly offering integrated multichannel shopping experiences that help shoppers […]

Not everyone who hears about your brand will want to purchase your products right away. Customers want to know more about your brand and what you have to offer. Before they make a purchase, they go through a whole buying journey. To understand your customer’s buying journey, it’s important to understand the eCommerce marketing funnel. […]

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of remote workers, and for good reason. Not only has this style of work become more accessible with technological advances, but employees themselves are increasingly seeking it out. In a recent survey, over 35% of American employees stated that they would change their job for […]

How many individual pieces of content marketing have you seen so far today? If you’ve spent any time on the internet, the answer is probably somewhere between “thirty-something” and “far too much” – there’s a reason for it. Marketing is everywhere, from our social media accounts to Google searches to even our email inbox. We […]