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With the pace of change in trends and design world, it at times gets very exhausting for both designers as well as their audience to adapt and accept the ever-changing trends and to keep up with them. This is where Vintage design gains its popularity. By inculcating vintage design practices, you allow the audience to […]

Graphic designers are artists that create visual concepts to captivate audiences, create long-lasting memories and tell stories using typography, color, form and imagery. Even though all graphic designers tend to practice under the same general title, they work in different types of graphic design. The difference between these types of graphic designers isn’t just in […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the town for a while now. I remember the fiasco from chatbots that replied instantly. We have all texted Siri saying ‘I love you’ at least once in our lives. It hasn’t been long since then, but Artificial Intelligence, in a very short span, has embedded itself […]

A hero image is the main banner which is placed on a web page prominently, generally in the front and center. A banner image is always larger than other images present on the web page, and is generally above the fold, at the center of the page. Majority of the space is taken up by […]

Mobile devices are ubiquitous now. People use them every day to book hotels, flight tickets, shop online and much more. No wonder there is a constant surge in the number of mobile users and it will increase with each passing year. According to a report from Forrester’s Retail Wave, smartphones contributed retail purchases of USD […]

Graphics designing has become the core of every industry from the past decade. The entire digital marketing concept is based on graphic designing. For every website we create, for every blog we post and for every Instagram post, we require graphics that speak for us. Top companies are identifying the needs of graphics and have […]

With many websites online today, you would think that the possibility of coming across a website that looks attractive, functions properly and contains useful elements is high, but the reality is different. Many websites are online today, but not all have the modern website design that you want to learn from or be inspired by. […]

Long before the age of technology, fonts have been evolving. We’ve come a long way since scriptwriting, mainly because our works are no longer in scrolls but anywhere from screens to print ads. Fonts have changed with our times and the means of which content was presented to us, yet that doesn’t mean all fonts […]

Having a website for any business is very crucial for the online presence of the company. When it comes to having a school website, the site must be made in such a way that it can convince the visitors. Your website visitors will either be parents, students, or alumni. Your website is a digital asset […]

In this Digital era, having a website for your company or business is very common. But does your website have interactive and creative design? Does your website have those design elements that make your site engaging? Your site must consist of innovative, eye-catchy design elements that can make your site stand out, as it will […]