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A hero image is the main banner which is placed on a web page prominently, generally in the front and center. A banner image is always larger than other images present on the web page, and is generally above the fold, at the center of the page. Majority of the space is taken up by […]

Mobile devices are ubiquitous now. People use them every day to book hotels, flight tickets, shop online and much more. No wonder there is a constant surge in the number of mobile users and it will increase with each passing year. According to a report from Forrester’s Retail Wave, smartphones contributed retail purchases of USD […]

Social media is home to billions of users worldwide. 2.62 billion, to be exact. And PPC has a proven track record: producing $2 for every dollar spent. The only problem is: how can you leverage both? Sure, you can run campaigns on Facebook or promoted posts on Instagram. Meanwhile, you can launch targeted search campaigns […]

Consider yourself in a Starbucks store on a cool autumn evening, which latte would you go for, the one that is available every day or the season’s specialty? The season’s specialty should be the clear winner. The Pumpkin Spiced Latte is one of the most outstanding limited time offers of Starbucks. The reason why Starbucks […]

The following is adapted from Faster, Smarter, Louder: Master Attention In A Noisy Digital Market. Many optimization strategies apply equally to both service-oriented and eCommerce businesses. However, when it comes to digital marketing strategy and getting customers over the finish line, eCommerce requires its own distinct approach. Here are six best practices that address eCommerce’s […]