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There’s a whole lot of amazing content being generated each minute on different platforms. Here are some mind-boggling facts: Instagram users publish 46,740 posts per minute. Google conducts 3,607,080 searches per minute. Twitter users send 456,000 tweets per minute. Yes, content is essential. Google loves quality content. Your visitors love content. But it simply makes […]

Facebook plans to challenge Europe’s top court, which today ruled that EU countries can order Facebook to globally remove content that violates local laws. Facebook currently complies with proper legal requests to remove content that breaks a nation’s laws, but can leave it up for global viewers if the post doesn’t violate its Community Standards. […]

The moderators who sift through the toxic detritus of social media have gained the spotlight recently, but they’ve been important for far longer — longer than internet giants would like you to know. In her new book “Behind the Screen,” UCLA’s Sarah Roberts illuminates the history of this scrupulously hidden workforce and the many forms […]

Google’s search algorithms are inclined to deliver a good user experience. That’s why you need to create content that is authentic, relevant, and valuable to your target audience. A majority of SEO professionals create and optimize various types of content such as blog posts, infographics, and images to increase their brands’ search visibility. However, one […]

Getting clients to provide website content to build their website can be challenging for web developers. Sometimes clients keep delaying these tasks for months because of two issues majorly- information problem and email problem. Information problems mainly happen when your clients are preoccupied with other tasks and don’t have the time to provide content. This […]

Attention – you can have insanely high conversion rates and super compelling products, but still lose if you’re not able to get attention. Follow and reverse engineer what Jeff Bullas does and you’ll notice a pattern. Create content, publish, and share it. Is that it? No way, Jose. What kind of content? Where is it […]