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Brand… What does this word mean to you? A brand is recognizable. Memorable. Trustworthy. Brand’s penetrate society at every level. They create trends. Influence lifestyle. Determine spending patterns. As much as we convince ourselves we are in control. That we rationally determine our journey in life, the things we do, and the products we buy. […]

Italian startup Freeda Media has raised a $16 million Series B round. Existing investor Alven is leading the round, with Endeavor Catalyst, UniCredit and others also participating. UniCredit is also granting the company a debt facility of $3 million. The company has managed to attract millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and other social media […]

Storytelling has been considered an art form for millennia – people capable of telling compelling stories have always been treated with respect and fascination. Today, this is reflected even in the way people are making their buying decisions. Brands with interesting, original, unusual stories can hope to sell more than their blander competitors. The reason […]

Online economics has flipped traditional advertising, PR, and marketing campaigns. Today, social capital is the asset worth building, while influence is the strongest currency for driving brand awareness and producing revenue. As many studies show, investing in both can deliver spectacular ROI. In fact, influencer marketing has become an indispensable tool for the vast majority […]

The modern digital economy certainly does not operate in a vacuum. You cannot simply release a product out in the wild and keep your fingers crossed that the sales will come pouring in. Despite what the movie cliché may have taught you, even if you build it, they may not come. What’s more, you are […]