Local Lettings


Local Lettings are a local hybrid property agency offering a high quality service to landlords, property sellers, buyers and tenants. They've spent many years building  a strong reputation for a reliable and quality renting service in and around the Burnley & Pendle area and we were more than proud to be involved in their development

Project Details

We began by redeveloping their logo and brand. We than designed a small simple website and advised that the majority of their focus should be on social media. This proved to be a great area of success with a rapid increase in followers, likes and shares and a strong presence for the business on both Facebook and Instagram. The company is growing from strength to strength.




From The Client

“Really enjoyed working with the team at SIMPLE. They understand our needs as a client and we couldn’t be happier with the results. They really care about us, always have time for us, and are committed to our professional development and work to help make sure we made an impact with everything we did online. Thank you SIMPLE!”